Unfortunately we now live in a world where Covid-19 is a real threat and we have to do our best to keep our working environments as safe as possible from exposure to the virus.
Here at Now in a Minute Productions we take all our client’s and staff’s health and safety with the utmost importance and we want those people we work with to do the same.
Below is a list of all the measures we are taking when it comes to filming to keep you safe and to inform you on what we will be asking from you before you work with us. 



Self Declaration Forms

24 hours before filming we will send out a Self Declaration form to those we are working with to clarify they have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 7-14 days.
If a client has shown symptoms then we will reschedule for another day.
If a member of crew or supporting actor has shown symptoms then we will do our best to find a replacement, but please understand this also may result in us needing to reschedule.
It is important you tell us as soon as you show symptoms of the virus so we can let others know we will need to reschedule.



Start of Day Risk Assessment and Briefing

Before any filming or setting up a scene begins we will take your temperature to make sure you haven't got a fever. 
We will talk to you at a meeting point priorly agreed upon about what steps we are taking to prevent exposure to the virus and how these must be followed at all times on and off set by everyone. 




We ask all actors and crew bring their own mask to set with them. We will provide hand sanitiser, but you are welcome to bring your own.
We ask that when inside any building you wear a mask at all times, unless when acting in a scene, and to regularly clean your hands to lower the risk of transmission.

Failure to bring a mask will result in us not being able to film due to not meeting our health and safety regulations.
Our crew will be wearing full PPE, masks and gloves, throughout the whole filming day. 


Personal Belongings

We will ask cast and crew to limit what they bring with them on set to lower risk of transmission.
If you are an actor and bringing different clothing for scenes then please make sure these clothes have been washed the day before and not worn until the scene needed.
If you are an actor bringing props with you for a scene then please make sure these props have been properly sanitised and quarantined before bringing them with you. 


Scene Selection

As we film in Wales we will be following our government’s guidelines on where and when it is safe to film in certain locations.
Currently we feel it is safest for cast and crew to film all exterior scenes, and interior scenes but these interior scenes must be set inside a house or car. 
If you have a scene or want us to write a scene for you then all these scenes will fit the above until we are advised differently.
The reasons for this are because there is better ventilation outside and limits the rate of exposure; and we feel filming inside a house means we can have a strong grasp on our health and safety regulations.


We then have to take in to consideration social distancing (which we will explain in the Filming Scenes section below), so it is important that none of these scenes include physical contact (kissing, hugging, holding hands) and also no scenes that have non physical but currently dangerous actions such as sneezing or coughing. 

All scenes will be reviewed by us before we go ahead with booking in a date so please be aware of these rules if you are writing or choosing the scenes yourself.


Acting is an intimate art form and this has become more difficult during our Covid-19 world.
As much as we’d love to create scenes with physical contact and characters being physically close to each other, we can’t commit to that right now.
We can however create scenes that remain intimate and gripping to watch through clever camera work and wonderful acting.
This is how we will film on set:

Mental Health

During these times people’s anxiety may increase. Feeling safe and protecting your mental health is paramount. If during a day someone needs to take some time to calm their anxiety or even call it a day then that’s okay and there will be no judgement. We can always reschedule.
These are not normal times and we must look out for each other.



Any further questions or queries please get in touch.

Stay safe,