Self Tapes

£30 per hour

Self Tapes are now a crucial part of the auditioning process and as casting directors see hundreds of them for each part they cast it's important to make yours stand out from the rest.

The best way to do that is to make it look professional and to show time and effort has gone in to it.

Here at Now In A Minute we feel we can deliver that.
We believe we can make you a high quality self tape that will show you at your best, and also at prices that actors can afford.

We charge £30 for an hour session, and this will include us editing and delivering your self tape back to you the same day. 

Self Taping with Siwan Morris for a new BBC Drama 

We also know that self tapes can be very last minute or needed the next day. 

So we work right up until 10pm each day to help out any actors who find themselves stuck and need someone to help them with a self tape - and for no extra charge!

Want us to travel to you? 

We can do that. All we ask is you cover our travel expenses on top of the £30 per hour price.

Acting Showreel Service and Small Screen Work Production Company 
est. April 2018 

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

07931 683783

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