Theatre Trailers

Marketing your theatre show is important. The best ways to get eyes on your product and to put bums on seats is by giving your audience a little preview. This can either be done through reviews, or through visual art form. 

And a theatrical trailer will do just that.

A short 30 second to 1 minute trailer is all you need, and it can show us much or as little as you want. 
Having that little something you can share on social media though makes all the difference and allows other people to tag their friends, share the video too, and help grow interest in your piece of theatre.

Here at Now In A Minute we know we can create you a very professional and intriguing theatre trailer and at a very affordable price for a theatre company or individual actor.

To the right is a trailer we created for Chippy Lane Productions for their production BLUE. 

Trailer for Chippy Lane Productions' BLUE

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est. April 2018 

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