One Scene Showreel


If you need something short and sweet, or just want to add a new scene to your existing showreel, then this is the package for you. 



"What does this package include?"

  • One 1 minute scene
    You may have a scene you really want to use, or you may have no idea where to begin with finding a scene.
    You can ask us to the write your scene for you (£15 per scene) and we will work closely with you to write you a scene that really show you at your best. 

    Note: When choosing scenes please keep them simple - a room of the house, a park, a café etc. No spaceships or Jurassic Park.

  • Your scene filmed in a couple of hours. Fully edited and sent back to you within 14 days.
    A usual day will start at 10am and finish at 12pm but we can reasonably work around you
    Once finished we will WeTransfer you a high definition mp4 version of your showreel that's easy to upload to casting websites such as Spotlight and Mandy. 

  • Any extra material you have can be edited in to your final showreel free of charge
    That's right. We aren't going to charge you extra for wanting your showreel to be the best it can be. 
    Give us a DVD copy or WeTransfer us any screen material you would like us to use (just please make sure it's in mp4 format)
    and we'll work together on how you'd like this footage to help sell you. 


  • Supplied actor - £30
    If you're struggling to find an actor to be in your scene then have no fear. We have a book of fabulous actors who want to act along side you and get a brilliant performance out of you. However they are working professionals and we believe they should be paid for their work and time just as any one should be. 

  • 48 hour express edit - £45
    Our promise to you is to have your fully edited showreel back to you within 14 days of filming, but sometimes you need it ASAP, maybe for a showcase or an important casting. 
    In that case we can drop everything and get it edited and sent back to you within 48 hours of filming for the extra above. 

Please Note: When we reach the stage of securing a date to film your showreel, we will ask for a £30 deposit to secure that day.

This deposit is non refundable and will come off your final showreel fee.
If you need to reschedule for any reason then we ask for a minimum of 3 days notice. 
We allow you to reschedule once. If you need to reschedule a second time then we will ask for a further £30 deposit.

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