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Here at Now In A Minute we absolutely pride ourselves on being the
most professional and affordable showreel company in Wales. 

I believe actors are the hardest working people out there, and with all the time and money that goes into promoting and updating yourself, I feel it's wrong to rip you off for a service that is vital in this industry. 
As an actor myself I know the struggle, so I'd like to offer you high quality showreel scenes for a price that won't break the bank, and can give more people an opportunity of being seen.

- Sean 

We have worked with a variety of actors who have loved working with us and have been gaining auditions and industry recognition thanks to the showreels we've created for them. 

The reason being we are not a company that will take your money and create you something that doesn't work for you.

We want you to be successful, as in turn that makes us successful.
So we work closely with you to make sure that your whole showreel shows you off to your best! 

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What We Offer


We offer a bespoke showreel service starting at £125 which includes the following:

  • Dedicating our day to the filming of your showreel so we're never pushed for time

  • Working closely with you to understand your casting and how you would like your showreel to highlight you

  • Filming with the amazing Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Pro 6k, Sigma lens, and using the Røde Videomic Pro.

  • Your fully edited showreel back to you within 14 days

  • Any additional footage edited in to your new showreel

Showreel Scene Writing

We offer the writing of your showreel scenes for an additional £15 per scene. 
We will organise a short Zoom call with you to talk about your casting, ideas for scenes
and characters, and what you want your showreel to do for you. 
We will then go away and write your scenes for you. 

One thing we won't do is send you a scene we've written and say 
"Here you go. This is the scene you are doing."

This is your showreel.
If a scene we send you is one you 
aren't 100% happy with,
then never feel pressured to 
settle. It's okay to say you feel it needs changes.
We are 
happy to edit and re-write until we're both happy so we can help
produce the best showreel for you that we possibly can. 

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If you would like us to write your scenes for you then let us know. 
The vast majority of scenes we have filmed have been written by us,
including the four 
scenes below. 
So you know you're in good hands. 

Please note: We will ask for the full writing deposit per scene upfront. 
This is because we've written scenes for people in the past and they've taken our material and not followed through with us. 
This deposit will come off your showreel, but is not refundable if we send you scenes and you choose not to go ahead. 


For more information select your chosen showreel package from the list below

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The best way to show off your acting range and impress the industry 

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Sometimes you just need the one scene to show something else

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Two Scene


An excellent way of showcasing your acting chops

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In the words of Dionne Warwick -
"That's what friends are for"

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You've got some words to say, and we've got a camera. 
Let's do this! 

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Send us your screen material and we'll do the rest