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A Cardiff based production company that specialises in creating bespoke actor showreels and small film projects.
Founded in 2018 by Welsh actor, Sean Rhys-James, Now in a Minute was created with the aim to give a stronger voice to Welsh actors in the industry.  

"The Welsh accent is hidden away a lot in film and TV, especially on a global stage. I want to help create work that will make Welsh voices just as heard as northern, Irish and London voices." - Sean Rhys-James

Since our birth we have had a very successful creative beginning:

  • Working closely with fellow Cardiff based Chippy Lane Productions creating the theatrical trailer for their play BLUE.

  • Filming a variety of showreels for talented actors and receiving wonderful feedback from industry professionals.

  • And creating two episodes of a web series called "That's My Chair, That Is". 

"Wales is the most beautiful country to film in, and we want to showcase it."

Even though our main focus is creating showreels, we still love getting to work on other projects!

One of our earliest pieces of professional work was working with Chippy Lane Productions to create the theatrical trailer for their theatre show BLUE, which you will find playing in the background.
We worked together closely to understand what the tone and the aim of the piece should be. 
After a full day down Llansteffan beach filming, we took the footage home and delivered a high quality theatre trailer that Chippy Lane used successfully to promote and market their show. 


It is a project we look back on with great fondness, and it spurred us on to continue creating more. 


Acting Showreel Service and Small Screen Work Production Company 
est. April 2018 

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


07931 683783

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