For many people in the arts they have ideas and productions in the pipeline but don't have the equipment needed to professionally film their work.
This is where we step in. 

As a Camera for Hire company we provide a small film crew, BlackMagic Cinema Pocket Pro 6K camera, RODE Microphone, tripod and small lighting to film your work. 

This can be anything from a small comedy sketch, to a pilot of TV show. 

Please note we do not provide actors, locations, costumes or any other equipment we haven't specified. 
Any editing required will be an additional fee.

For a quote, or to talk more about your idea and to see if we can help you, please contact us.



We have provided many fantastic self tapes for actors and offer our services at £30 for an hour slot.
In this time we will run the scene with you, read in the other characters, film as many takes as you like, and if you want our opinion or direction then we can offer it

We then edit your self tape and can send it either back to you or to your agent.